Many months ago, I became unemployed and started surfing the Internet for ways to make more money on-line. A friend of mine told me about trading Forex on-line so I started studying everything I could get my hands on.

What I found was a lot of ways to loose money. Though I was learning a lot of good lessons, simple math told me I had to go out and find something else maybe even another J.O.B.(just-over-broke).

Just before I was about to give up, I stumbled across your website regarding your BOM system. So I thought, why not, lets give it a shot. I started trading virtual at first and my confidence rose to new heights. Your daily advice was the main reason I kept going. Everything was very simplistic and easy to understand. I went live with just $250.00 USD and maintained a strategy that was comfortable for me based on your instructions. In 30 days the account grew to just over $1100 USD playing it very safe.

Though I have gone back to work temporarily for now, I have been able to pay off some nagging bills on a monthly basis using this system. Some of the stuff I find on the Internet I wouldn't recommend to anyone because it is just a lot of false promises. Your BOM system has been the first thing in my trading experience that I have found comfortable recommending to my friends in a way they would understand. This stuff is awesome. Consider me a lifetime believer and BOM system user.

G J F, Richmond, Texas

Hi Steven,
I just want tell you how thankful I am that I purchased your system when I did. I've never done any kind of trading before. I've heard about it and get emails from time to time, but it always seemed like (pie in the sky) stuff to me. Not sure what made this seem different.

Anyway, I got your ebook that you provide and about 2 hrs later I made my first trade (on paper) for practice. When I got out of that trade I had won. It was amazing. The next day, I just followed your instructions again and I won again. Could it really be this easy? Well, I have to say that "YES"it is that easy. Since then I have had way many more winners than losers. Steven has been there the whole time basically holding my hand and helping me through the process. I really could not ask for more.

I'm looking forward to opening my account with really money in it and making the same gains that I have made up to now.

Thanks very much for your great system and help.
Stefan D.

Dear Steve, Thank you very much for the Lazy Traders system. It is well named:it is very easy to use, and how to use it is simple and well explained. I have paper traded it with good results and I am profitable for the time during which I have been trading it "live". Jule M, St. Louis.

Hello Steve
Thanks for the programs.  I've only had a couple of questions and I was impressed by your instant response via Yahoo Messenger.

Regards Andrew M - Norfolk, England

I have had wonderful success with the the program and have recommended it to several associates and business partners. I've personally have made thousands form the simple program, just follow the procedure setups and you can be successful to,
Thank you Steve
Tom I. Simi Valley, Ca.

I am new to trading and you have been excellent in giving me confidence in trading the forex. I recommend every beginner to take your trades, they are excellent.

Billy F, El Paso,Texas

The system is easy to use and is giving me good results, steve is giving me ongoing good support, using yahoo messenger.
Roddy S., Lexington N.C

Thank you