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Tired of staying up all hours of the night to trade in the Forex Market?
Wouldn't it be nice to trade at specific times of the day EVERYDAY? 

IF YES, then the LazyTrading.com Package is for YOU!

Let's say you want to Trade the USD/CAD

We have 3 SIMPLE steps......
1. Check the USD/CAD chart a few minutes before 17.30 GMT (1.30PM Eastern)

2. Determine whether you have a trade or not based on our LazyTrading info.

3. Place the trade and WALK AWAY!

It is just that EASY!

We ONLY trade in the following currency pairs.


Each of those pairs trade only once a day. They each have there OWN specific start and end time.

So you know EXACTLY when to enter the market and when to exit the market.

For example....

The USD/CAD we ONLY trade that pair from 17.30 GMT (1.30PM Eastern) and we exit that trade at 20.00 GMT (4.00 pm Eastern)

That is the ONLY time we trade the USD/CAD so you don't have to spend your time watching charts for hours a day.  Only look at the chart ONCE for the USD/CAD place your trade and get on with your day. 

I love trading don't get me wrong it is a passion of mine. No "job" beats it. (Unless I could be a major league baseball player but my age and most importantly lack of skills to hit a 90mph fastball eliminates me for that line of work)

But I also like to do other things and don't want to spend hours upon hours looking at charts until my eyes hurt.  Trading is pretty basic at least that is what they say. Buy Low and Sell High. You and I know it isn't just that simple. But there is some true to the fact of keeping it simple. 

I don't look at indicators, moving averages or any of that when looking at a chart. I look at a chart and within 5 seconds I can tell if I have a possible trade or not.  It has NOTHING to do with indicators etc...

Our trading is done ONLY at specific times of the day. 

Each currency pair has a different starting time. Which ranges from 16.30 GMT (12.30pm Eastern) to 20.30 GMT (4.30pm Eastern) and each trade lasts roughly 3-5 hours depending on the currency pair.  The last trade starts at 20.30 GMT (4.30pm Eastern) and ends at 23.30 GMT (7.30pm Eastern)

Don't have a lot of time to trade? This is perfect for you. Just be available a couple times a day, check the chart, and see if there is a trade. And get on with your day.

Don't want to watch charts all day or learn a bunch of indicators? This is perfect for you.  No indicators to learn. Just check the chart once a day at the specific time for each pair and your DONE.

Don't want to pay for signals each and every month? This is perfect for you. Once you learn the system you can use any as long as you like. Don't have time to trade full time no problem just pull out the system in a couple of months and trade when it is works for you.  Use it in a day, a month, or in a year from now for the same low price. Finally a LONG TERM solution! No more looking for the magic trading program year after year and month after month.

Don't know a lot about forex trading? This is perfect for you.  This is a simple but profitable way to trade without having to learn a lot of trading jargon. 

Tired of signal services or "systems" that don't work? This is perfect for you. I have used this system for almost three years now. I have done many tests and have placed hundreds of trades with the system. I have done all the trial and error stuff and I will show you which days, time frames, and currencies produce the best results. I am taking the trial and error process out of it for you!

Don't have hundreds or thousands of $$$ to spend on a system? This is perfect for you. This lazytrading.com forex ebook is just $67 which includes instant messenger support (via Yahoo messenger) for 60 days!  Use the system weeks, months, or even years from now.

This is great system is  for Betonmarkets or the Forex market. I use it for both and am very happy with it.

Here are just some of the great benefits of the lazytrading.com system.....

  • Check the chart just once a day for the pair and know if you have a trade!
  • Low price for the system. You can use the system for life!
  • I have traded with the system for almost 3 years and know the BEST times to trade and which currencies are best! And I show you in the ebook.

  • Instant message support for 60 days. Have a question on a trade I am there to help you during trading hours!
  • Clear Entry and Exit into the markets. No guessing when to get out of the market.
  • You are able to trade on Betonmarkets or your Forex broker.
  • You don't have to watch the charts all day. Just check the chart once a day per currency pair. It's that easy!
  • Trade the same time each and every day. You know each day when you have a chance to trade!
  • In the ebook I show you which currency pairs do the best on each day. 
  • I give you 2 short videos to watch of actual trades I have done recently to see exactly how the system works.
  • We offer a full 60 day money back guarantee!

Just want to write to you and tell you how much I love the Lazy Trading Package it is awesome !! Before I purchased the package I knew nothing about currencies and trading them...  By the way Steve since starting only a few weeks ago my account is really growing each week :) Also the instructions you wrote and the best currencies to trade and all the stats is excellent reading and it really helped me to get started and i use it as a guide for each days trades..
~ Darren K, Sydney Australia
This system is Great! So easy to use, and the accuracy is excellent. I plan to use it for years to come. Thanks for making Forex Trading so Simple!
Derek W

Hi Steve:
A brief note to thank you for the opportunity to utilize the Lazy Trading System.

I have found it easy to use and quite accurate in regard of projecting where the different Forex pairs are going during the day.

An R., Miami, Florida

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Though I will not give away the exact times of all the trades in this information, the system works only between the hours of 1630 GMT to 2030 GMT (You don't have to be available that whole time; however, if you are unavailable for ANY of that time this ebook package isn't for you). You can find GMT by going to Betonmarkets. On the top left of their site is the time in GMT. Just check your current time vs. the time on that site for the times you would need to be available. GMT is currently 4 hours ahead of Eastern time. (In other words 12.30pm-4.30pm Eastern are the times the system trades. Monday-Thursday ONLY)


Order the LazyTrading.com Forex Package Today.  

I am so confident you will LOVE using our system to trade the Forex I willing to offer it RISK FREE TO YOU!

You will have 60 days from your time of purchase to try out the LazyTrading.com Forex Package.

 If it isn't one of the easiest and more importantly MOST PROFITABLE systems you have ever seen I will give you a full refund of your purchase price.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

You have nothing to lose!!

This complete LazyTrading Ebook package is just $67 for a limited time. I will be removing the LazyTrading Ebook Package from the market on August 5th 2008! (This is not a marketing gimmick on August 6th you will NOT be able to buy this package). After much thought the package will NEVER be sold again! (I don't want to oversell the package and I want to offer quality customer service to all my clients.)

This package has over a $400 value. ACT NOW before it's too late!

This is what I use to trade the markets and now you can use it, too!

You will also receive 4 bonuses with your order.

  • Receive $35-$40 FREE from Betonmarkets when you join. (using our special code)
  • Receive 4 Videos from professional traders about the markets over 3 hours of excellent content.
  • Free site that gives you instant analysis on forex market and other markets like gold, oil.
  • $200 FREE from betsfortraders.com when you use a special code

I am Sorry but the LazyTrading Forex Package is OFF the market
and NEVER will be SOLD AGAIN!

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